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So, what’s Your Sexual Preference ?

   People are applauding Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for vetoing the bill SB1062, which would have allowed people to refuse their services to gays and others, based on their religious beliefs. What religious belief says you can’t sell something or … Continue reading


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Living in Thoreau’s time

Sometimes, I wish I lived in a simpler, quieter time. Like that of Thoreau. Of course, I romanticize this era, where he could discuss & debate politics, life, right & wrong with his good friend Emerson. I think of a … Continue reading

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A Sense of Humor… Really ?

The Universe, God, A higher source, the powers that be or whatever you choose to call that element of being (not necessarily human or solo) that controls the heavens, tides and earth, does not have a sense of humor. I’m … Continue reading

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