A Sense of Humor… Really ?

The Universe, God, A higher source, the powers that be or whatever you choose to call that element of being (not necessarily human or solo) that controls the heavens, tides and earth, does not have a sense of humor. I’m serious. I’ve stopped laughing. Is there gold or some precious metal in the north and northeast, for someone to change the course of weather so severely to see how many people will flee the area ? Because if this doesn’t get people to re-think their living situation, I’m not sure what will.

When I moved to the coast, it never snowed. It snowed up north and to the west of this area, but never on the coast. In fact, at the check-out at Trader Joe’s earlier this evening, this woman made a similar statement. And I told her, “that’s what I always thought. And then I moved here 4 years ago and 2 weeks later there was a major storm. An omen. I should have seen it as a warning, because every year since, we’ve had more coastal storms than I can ever remember.”

So imagine my surprise, when on my way to bed tonight, being a glutton for misery, I looked out the window, hoping to prove the forecast wrong. I was silently chanting that the weatherman was lying or had miscalculated.
But no, that bastard got it right again. There it was. The white stuff, coming down again. Well, I’m on strike. I’m not shoveling. I’ll dress in 14 layers if I have to and wear my boots to get through the snow, but I’m going to wait for it to melt. I’m not digging out anymore. I’ve reached maximum capacity.
I know why there are so many alcoholics in dark, cold, places. Too much time indoors. Cabin fever. Stir crazy. Brain crazy. Maybe too many days indoors has just plain made them crazy. Perhaps they are hoping to pass out and wake up in spring. It’s beginning to sound good to me. Not the passing out, but waking up in spring. I understand bears and hibernation a lot better.
This may sound like I’m going off the subject but stay with me on this. Last week, during one of our many weeks of freezing weather, I watched the movie Captain Phillips on pay TV. I had seen an interview with one of the Somali stars, nominated for best supporting actor. It was mentioned that when they were casting the movie, they wanted actual people from Somalia, so they went to one of the most populated areas of the country where they lived. Now hold your breath for this one. It’s Minnesota. Are you kidding ? No, I’m not. They went from a hot, tropical climate to one of the coldest and most northern states in our country ?

How the hell did they ever get there ? They can thank their Lutheran friends for that one. They brought them there. Many ended up with jobs at factories, housing was cheap and they were sponsored. So when you are new to an area or country and culture, the most natural thing to do would be to gravitate towards your own people. That’s just what they did. But can you even imagine the first time Fall fell into Winter, the thermometer dropped below freezing and they saw snow for the first time ? And then the second and then how it never let up till April ? They probably thought they had been drugged. Or maybe still, they may have thought Somalia wasn’t looking so bad after all. Certainly not the climate anyway. If this was their first year there, I feel really bad for them. You can just envision what they must have been thinking. I know what I’ve been thinking. I must be crazy along with everyone else, because even the birds are smart enough to know when to get out of dodge and when it’s safe enough to return.


About aboomersvoice

First and foremost, I'm a baby boomer and damn proud of it. The ones reading this post survived. Some didn't..We are the generation that crashed through barriers, broke through the norm and made our own rules. We paved the way for others to follow their bliss. One of the largest breakthroughs was probably equal rights and opportunities for women. Thank you Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. We burned our bras, well, most of us did. We marched against politics we didn't believe in, staged protests not knowing we could easily be silenced by a bullet, experimented with drugs, meditation and guru's. We traveled with backpacks across the country and throughout the world..We had a voice. We had a choice. We had a mission. We had freedom and we were united. I am a writer, traveler, explorer, observer and participant in life. I am part of the expansion of baby boomers who still believe in the original message of peace and love. Take this journey.with me. Who knows where it will take us next ?
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