3rd, 4th, 5th & final attempt

I have tried 2 other times, actually now my 5th time, to write a post from my iPhone. All updates disappeared. So much for the wonders of this over-rated instrument. I don’t like it, but that’s another post.
When I woke this morning, I heard a few birds, the stoic ones that tough it out over Winter and then there was nothing but quiet.
I live in a beautiful area. It is on the outer Cape of Cape Cod, Ma. For 6 months, it’s busy and touristy. People are happy but the energy feels frenetic to me. Perhaps an immediate rush of over-stimulation from off-season.
The wildlife and environment become muted and over-shadowed by the sudden influx of people and activity.
They are gone now, so this is when I exhale. Crowds have thinned to mostly week-end home owners, looking for a respite. Nature has resumed.
Foxes have come out of hiding & roam freely between gardens for food. They like mine. I have plenty of voles or moles, I never know which ones they are but they’re obviously good, because I have a few regulars who appear well fed.
The light has changed & ironically with that, come magnificent sunsets. I have pictures where people are convinced they were photo shopped. They weren’t. They’re just that stunning.
So this is the best time for me to write. When it’s quiet and I can walk to the beach and stand alone between the wind and salty air.
It is a reflective time. There’s something about a shorter day that makes me feel more insular. I go inside and become more introspective. As if I don’t think enough.
When I would climb into bed with my husband and his eyes would begin to close, I seemed to come alive.  Once my head hit the pillow, I became still enough to process the day. An idea or thought would float by, so I would sit up on my elbows, look at him and say, “You know, I was thinking.” He would look back at me with a particular facial expression that said, here it comes.  He knew me, and responded with, ” You always are.”
I look at it this way. Years ago, there was a great tv commercial during the big anti-drug campaign. It ran on a regular basis and the punchline said, ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  To date, I have nothing to worry about.
Oh iPhone, don’t disappoint me on this final attempt. Publish my post this time.  As another famous ad says, ” Just do it.”


About aboomersvoice

First and foremost, I'm a baby boomer and damn proud of it. The ones reading this post survived. Some didn't..We are the generation that crashed through barriers, broke through the norm and made our own rules. We paved the way for others to follow their bliss. One of the largest breakthroughs was probably equal rights and opportunities for women. Thank you Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. We burned our bras, well, most of us did. We marched against politics we didn't believe in, staged protests not knowing we could easily be silenced by a bullet, experimented with drugs, meditation and guru's. We traveled with backpacks across the country and throughout the world..We had a voice. We had a choice. We had a mission. We had freedom and we were united. I am a writer, traveler, explorer, observer and participant in life. I am part of the expansion of baby boomers who still believe in the original message of peace and love. Take this journey.with me. Who knows where it will take us next ?
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