Is Everyone Really A Writer ?

If you go on Twitter, everyone has written a book. But.. can they really write ?

If it weren’t for self publishing, would they ever have a book ? Would they ever have a sentence in a publication ? It used to be a profession privy only for the talented, hardworking person who dedicated themselves to the craft and wouldn’t take no for an answer. It weeded out the poeple that weren’t serious or weren’t the best of the best. And if you weren’t received well, you wrote even more and worked even harder.

Only occasionally, would you read something that might be questionable to the literary field. Perhaps, it was that rare chance that they got lucky. Writers had to work for a book, a publisher and an agent, if they chose to hire one or one would take them on. Some of the best writers lined their walls with rejection notes. J.K. Rowling got about 30 no’s before her one big yes and I heard that was fluke. it was an assistant editor that just happened to pick up her unsolicited manuscript and thought it might sell. I think a lot of heads rolled after the first Harry Potter was put to press and all those editors that rejected her, then got ejected from their position.

But who knows how popular a book will be ? How can one predict a bestseller from one that’s not ?  Who knows what mood the public will be in when your book hits the market ? People are fickle and it takes experts to predict trends. No one can predict the popularity of a book, movie or even TV show today.

 I am an established writer, a former reporter with a by-line and all. How do you distinguish yourself from the rest ? How do you get noticed among the thousands of so called writers, or wannabes, where many can’t write at all. But then.. perhaps today it doesn’t matter. I have intelligent friends that read  “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I thought the writing (if you call it that)  was horrific and for someone to call her a writer is insulting to the rest of us.  I couldn’t get through one paragraph, (this was after edit in a bookstore, when a publisher had taken over) without laughing and being aghast. Yet, it was a best seller and a movie was made. Go figure. So is it just about the content or does the context matter also ? Do people care more about what is written, than how it’s written ? That’s the big question. Thoughts ?

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Me Getting Older ? No Way !

As a baby boomer, I refuse to get old. Grow older, yes. What’s the alternative ? I’m not ready to leave this world just yet. I still have some miles to go and things to accomplish. But I’m not going to get old. Not me. I am going kicking & screaming all the way. I refuse to give in to the stereotypes or limitations that people perceive are a given. My mind still thinks young, so it’s only the caging around it that has changed.
What age has given me though, is acceptance. I have more acceptance of who I am & others, limitations & all. People are who they are, not who I would like them to be. I’m either okay with that or I’m not. Today, so much of my life is about choices and making good ones for myself.
I have more confidence & self esteem too, because I’ve lived through so much & surprisingly, have survived it all. Sometimes, in spite of myself. I have learned boundaries. I now know what is acceptable and what is not and I’m not afraid to voice that or tell someone their behavior is not okay. It sure takes a long time to grow up and figure all this stuff out. If only I knew then…
These are all valuable lessons I have acquired through living this long. Not that I’m that old, because I’m not, but you don’t get this in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s. I guess it’s achieving more wisdom & I don’t see any short cuts for that. You may understand some of this in theory or on an intellectual level when you’re young and I believe I did, but one can only integrate most, if not all this information on a knowing level, by having lived through it. The only way to achieve that is through time-and by living through decades of it.

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Great Risk

“Take into account, that great love and great achievement involve great risk.”
Dalai Lama .
So what are you willing to risk today ?

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